Friday, October 14, 2011

What It Means to be a "Southern Baptist."

The name "Southern Baptist" has meaning beyond regional identity or denominational branding. To be a Southern Baptist is to build on the foundation of God chosen men such as Richard Furman, William Johnson, John A. Broadus, George Truett, R. G. Lee, J. M. Frost, and many others who gave themselves for God through our beloved convention.

As Southern Baptists, our main priority is, first and foremost, to reach sinners for Christ. Our overarching goal is to rescue the perishing, throw out the lifeline, go into the highways and byways and bring the lost to Jesus. We are heralds of eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Our deepest desire is to sound the clarion call of forgiveness of sin through the cross of Christ. Our greatest delight is the glory of God on display when a lost soul turns away from sin and turns to Jesus. Our most joyful celebration is when a new believer enters the baptismal waters in obedience to the command of Christ as a public testimony of becoming a new creation. We live and breath evangelism and missions. That is who we are. That is what it means to be Southern Baptist.