Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pastor Search Committee

I believe one of the most crucial problems facing churches today is a poor fit between pastor and congregation. For example, if a pastor search committee hires an Arminian pastor for a Calvinist church, that is not a good fit from a theological perspective. The unsuspecting church will probably rise up in revolt when they hear their new pastor preaching on losing one's salvation and prevenient grace. This problem is not the fault of the church or perhaps even the pastor, if he was diligent to explain his theological views. No, ultimately the fault lies with the Pastor Search Committee.

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) is given the responsibility by the church to search for the pastor whom will help that church grow, mature, and reach the unsaved. The church is trusting that the PSC will bring a recommendation of a new pastor who will lead the church to flourish, not die on the vine or split. I believe that every PSC honestly seeks to do its job in a manner that will be a blessing and not a curse. However, we continue to see huge disconnects between new pastors and churches which result in church splits or pastor termination. How are we to solve this problem?

One way in which I hope to assist in the resolution of this pervading issue is to begin a brand new blog entitled, "Pastor Search Committee Update." In studying this issue, I have found a lot of good resources which are available to PSC's. The problem is that the best information is scattered throughout many different church administration documents. I hope to bring the best of those resources to light in this new blog. Also, perhaps I will be able to contribute an idea or two which may be helpful.

Please pray for the PSC's all around the country. They need our prayers. And please tell your friends about the new blog. It is my prayer it will be a blessing to PSC's everywhere.