Friday, August 3, 2012

Clarification of My Op-Ed

The op-ed I wrote for the Biblical Recorder has received much discussion from both the traditional and Calvinist side. To me, this is a discussion we need to have and I forsee the result to be positive for all concerned.

I do want to clear up a misunderstanding in regards to the column. Although I said that Southern and Southeastern seminaries are graduating a lot of Calvinists, I did not say they were part of a Calvinist agenda to reform SBC churches, nor do I believe they are intentionally involved in the reform agenda.

What I did say was that Ernest Reisinger was the architect of the Calvinist agenda to reform SBC churches. Ernest Reisinger was the founder of Founder ministries. In his book, entitled "The Quiet Revolution," Reisinger stated his intention to help reform local SBC churches. According to the Reformed Reader's review of this book, the reviewer wrote,

For seventeen years the Founders Conference has earned some credibility by operating within the parameters of the above statements as to purpose, goal and motive; this statement was put in black and white in Euless, TX on Nov. 13, 1982 and the Founders have not deviated from it. There has been no hidden agenda, no formal organization, nothing to join and no denominational politics. The purpose, which is to encourage pastors and churches to return to the doctrinal foundation of our first seminary as well as most of our Southern Baptist fathers, including Basil Manly and the first three presidents of the convention, has always been right up front for all these years.
Founders has been around for more than 25 years now and their agenda remains the same. As the reviewer has said their agenda is not a hidden agenda and never has been.

Thus, is there a Calvinist agenda to reform SBC churches? Yes. The Founders ministry has stated their purpose in these regards and continues to pursue them.

Once again, the reform agenda is a Founders agenda, not an agenda of any seminary. If there was misunderstanding of this in my op-ed then the responsibility is mine.

Hopefully, this explains more clearly my concern for local SBC churches.

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