Monday, February 21, 2011

Tom Elliff, IMB President: A Very Good Choice

I am very pleased with the announcement of Tom Elliff as the IMB's choice for President. Tom is a wonderful man of God and I believe will serve well. Not only does he have IMB experience, he also has experience as a local pastor. In addition, Tom Elliff has demonstrated his love for small church pastors. He was the IMB speaker at the 2008 Small Church Leadership Conference which I hosted in Lewisville, NC. The following is a video of his talk to small church pastors. I think it conveys some of the great qualities that Tom has and will be on display as he serves as the new IMB President.

Tom Elliff - 2008 Small Church Leadership Conference from Les Puryear on Vimeo.


Tom Parker said...

Two observations:

I am very concerned about his age--66.

He has very little actual on the field missions experience.

Anonymous said...

I know Tom and he is a great guy. If the IMB was shooting for another from within their ranks then he is a good choice. I suppose I was hoping for younger blood and somebody outside of the IMB to bring fresh perspective to tough times.