Joy in Service

"She has done what she could." Mark 14:8

If there is a museum in heaven, we shall probably be surprised at the dull objects displayed prominently on sparkling cloth of gold: two mites, a boy's lunch, a cup of cold water, and a broken vase. We may puzzle a moment, but after a little thought, we shall realize these were the most lavish gifts their donors could give to the Master. Jesus' words about Mary's extravagant and apparently useless gift to Him were not faint praise; they were the highest commendation.

Most of us concentrate on wishing we had more to give to the Master, rather than planning how to give what we do have. We lament we cannot sing a glorious solo. We long to have thousands to give. Then we haggle inwardly over whether our tithe is to be computed before or after income tax deductions. We wish we were winsome leaders, while we fail to call the absentees in our Sunday School classes.

Joy will be ours when we lavish on Jesus and on the least of His brethren the full measure of talent and resource that has been entrusted to us.

Father, show me the greatest thing I can do for You and help me do it. Amen.

Open Windows, June 10, 1958.