Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Single Mom Comes to Christ

One of our members invited a young woman to come with her to church. Ann* and her precious little boy began attending church regularly. It was clear from talking to her that she knew very little about Jesus or the church, but she was eager to learn.

One night I received a call from Ann's friend. She told me that Ann's husband was kicking her and her boy out of their house and they desperately needed somewhere to live. The next day we put out the word to everyone in the church. Soon we located a nice garage apartment for her near the church. We gathered up some volunteers and helped Ann and her son move out the next weekend.

Ann continued attending the church and I had the privilege of baptizing her. She grew as a Christian. She tried to reconcile with her husband but he refused. I left the church to pastor another church and lost touch with Ann.

A few years later, Ann called me at home. She said that she was engaged to a godly young man and asked if I would conduct their marriage ceremony. Of course, I was delighted to do so. We had the marriage ceremony in the back yard of the house which her fiance owned in Asheboro. Ann and her son were moving in with her new husband the next day. She told me about the church they had been attending and how happy she was there.

I am still able to keep up with Ann and her new family through Facebook. She has grown into a godly woman who is now discipling others in Christ.

*not her real name

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