What Do You Get Out of Conferences?

I went to a state conference last week. It was like hundreds of other conferences I've been to over the years. Speakers, breakouts sessions, vendor booths, etc. At this particular conference, there were only about 150-200 people, most of them over 65 years old. Nothing wrong with older folks because I'm one of them, but it seems that the majority of people who attend these things are retirees who have plenty of time to attend.

There seems to be a conference or two every week of the year. Apparently they make money or there wouldn't be so many of them. Besides the major league conferences, i.e., Desiring God, FBC Jacksonville, Together for the Gospel, etc., what is the value of these conferences to you? Are state conferences whuch are put on by our state conventions of any value? Just asking.


Steve Young said…
I, too, just got back from a conference. M-Pact Montana is an annual event sponsored by the Montana SBC. Our keynote speakers were Ed Stetzer, Chuck Lawless, and Don Pierson. These guys, and several others, led breakout conferences.
I must say that this conferences was of great worth. I was personally challenged about prayer, and I was encouraged. I also picked up some good stuff on Biblical membership and Discipleship. One of the positives about State conferences is that our State knows where we itch, and is able to design a conference that fits our context.
Steve in Montana
Philip said…
It is interesting that you state that the reason they do this is to make money. Maybe the reason that there are so many conferences is because they provide different opportunities. Do you believe that the reason that Desiring God has a children's conference, a pastor's conference and a national conference (and also regional conferences) is to take your money or to provide us with opportunities to learn and grow?
Writer said…

I wouldn't know. However, if they lost money, do you think they would keep having them? Probably not.