Friday, January 6, 2012

The Guide

An explorer attempting to travel in and map unfamiliar territory came
to a place where he had to cross some very high mountains that were
rugged and threatening. Knowing how risky his task would be, he
searched for a qualified guide.

One man offered his services for a considerable sum of money. "Have
you ever traveled through those mountains?" asked the cartographer.
"No," the man said, "but I’ve been part of the way and have been told
how to proceed from there." The cautious explorer said, "I’m sorry,
but I will not risk it."

Another person volunteered, and he too was asked, "Have you ever
been over those mountains?" "No, but I’ve been to the top and looked
down on the way that leads where you want to go." The explorer considered
his offer. Then he said, "No, I’m afraid to trust myself to your leading.
I want to travel with someone who has been there already."

Finally a man was brought to his camp who said he knew the way.
"Sir," he explained, "the place you are going is my home — and I
am returning there in three days. I will lead you through the mountain
pass and show you my home." The traveler knew immediately that he
had found his guide.